At Machinify, we're at the cutting edge of healthcare technology, dedicated to developing AI-first, transformative processes for administrative decisioning. Today, we're thrilled to share some exciting news: Evolent, a leader in enabling better health outcomes for complex conditions, will be acquiring our Machinify Auth application. This collaboration promises to bring unprecedented efficiency and accuracy to clinical workflows, marking a significant step forward in specialty care management.

We are excited to partner with Evolent in bringing the power of Machinify Auth to Evolent’s large footprint of payers, while we continue to innovate on the Machinify Healthcare AI-Led Operating System (HAL OS) and deliver our Payer Application Suite for claims administration, including Machinify Audit and Machinify Pay.

What is Machinify Auth

Machinify Auth is a revolutionary solution designed to streamline and speed up the handling of authorization requests for medical services, resulting in instant approvals and faster turnaround times. Machinify Auth interacts with providers, reads and interprets medical records, as well as acts as a co-pilot in assisting healthcare professionals making appropriate care determinations.

Boosted by HAL OS’s powerful medical record interpretation technology coupled with understanding of patient context and medical policies, Machinify Auth dramatically reduces fact-gathering and analysis time, allowing clinicians to focus on what they do best. The net result is a 55% time compression for complex, manual reviews along with increased review accuracy. 

How Machinify Auth Will Enhance Evolent's Services

With the acquisition of Machinify Auth, Evolent is set to significantly boost the efficiency, quality, and clinical value of its specialty condition management platform. The app will enable Evolent to streamline clinical reviews across all specialty conditions, benefiting health plans, clinicians, and members alike. 

What's Next for Machinify

Machinify’s Healthcare AI-Led Operating System (HAL OS)

Machinify has been developing HAL OS as a foundational operating system for developing transformative, AI-first processes in healthcare. Some of the key elements of this operating system include: 

  • ChartLM: Interprets medical records to answer clinical questions through the use of breakthrough AI and Large Language Models. 
  • CoderLM: Performs or validates medical coding on  claims and medical records.
  • Policy Engine: Interprets and evaluates medical, coding, and payment policies against healthcare transaction data. 

Machinify’s Payer Application Suite

HAL OS powers Machinify’s suite of payer apps, creating unprecedented levels of automation and efficiency through the use of AI technology. 

Our team is dedicated to advancing the healthcare payments infrastructure for more than 50M lives alongside our payer partners. Machinify Audit enhances the automation of intricate clinical and coding audits, while Machinify Pay streamlines the enforcement of contract terms, coding, and payment policies, ensuring accurate claim payments.

We are thrilled to join forces with Evolent to bring the Auth app to their members and advance the state of the art in condition management as Machinify continues to grow and extend our Payer Application Suite.

To learn more about Machinify’s HAL OS and Payer Application Suite, please fill out this form or reach out directly to

Prasanna Ganesan