AI-First Products for Healthcare Operations

AI that actually works.

The hype around AI far surpasses its adoption in most industries. Healthcare is no exception. Machinify's products radically simplify and accelerate your ability to leverage AI as a core operational element of the software stack with transformative impact on efficiency.

Customized Decisions Optimized for your Business

Machinify aggregates high-volume claims, clinical and contract data to develop tailored, AI-driven real-time decision engines that are optimized for your specific use cases and data patterns. All in a matter of days, instead of months or years. Really.

Unleash AI across your company.

From Claims Processing to Utilization Management, Machinify serves as a central nervous system for managing data-driven decisions to optimize business process across the enterprise.

AI built for you, controlled by you.

Create lasting competitive advantage by unlocking the value in your own proprietary data. Our partnership model gives you full control of mission critical products and processes.

Immediate ROI

Avoid expensive and time-consuming startup efforts. Machinify enables to you deploy AI-driven products quickly and start generating ROI right away.


From the outset, we’ve sought to build Machinify into a customer-first company that solves real problems and delivers real results. Each member of our team reflects that commitment. We’ve brought together leaders in the fields of software development, machine learning, data science and business.