We are looking for driven people who are passionate about our mission and are ready to make an impact. Our interviewers will focus on identifying your unique strengths. No tricky questions or brain teasers! We’ll do our best to create an interview setting as close to “real life” as possible to get a sense of how you’d work as part of the team. 


  1. Exploratory video call with a recruiter to talk about your background and career goals
  2. Hiring manager video call to chat about the specific job opportunity and the skills and relevant experience you would bring to the team 
  3. Panel - usually two or three interviews with potential teammates who work closely with this role
  4. If we believe you are a good fit for a role at Machinify we will schedule an offer call. If you are not a match at this time, we’ll let you know as soon as possible and share as much relevant feedback as possible. 

When interviewing for a technical role keep in mind interviewers will focus not only on your hard skills and output but also on your thought process when solving a problem and your approach to collaboration: 

  • Ask clarifying questions and make sure you understand the problem at hand before diving in
  • Talk through your code (think out loud) to give the interviewer a window into your thoughts - explain trade offs and decisions along the way; communicate as clear and precise as you can
  • Check for errors in your code
  • Take feedback and hints from your interviewer - they want to see you succeed!

Remember: this is a two way process so make sure you ask questions too. Our interviewers will be ready to answer any questions around Machinify’s mission, culture and day to day life.

We are committed to creating the best experience for all candidates. If you require any accommodations please let your recruiter know and we’ll do our best so you can shine during the interviews. 

If you have feedback or questions please ping us at talent@machinify.com.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

A diagram of Machinify's data process.
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