At Machinify employees are not expected to work in an office and all our processes, communications and culture are designed digital-first (i.e. assuming every employee is remote).

We believe talent is everywhere. Being digital-first has allowed us to expand our talent pool and diversify our teams as we scale. A digital-first environment also allows us to create an equitable experience for all employees and focus more on the outcomes that will move our company forward versus just time in the office. At Machinify we value employee’s sense of ownership and accountability, and we trust them to work wherever they feel more productive and happy. Some of our employees are 100% WFH, others prefer the office setting, and others keep an hybrid schedule. 

We are keeping our Palo Alto office as a flexible space to collaborate and get people together from time to time, keeping the camaraderie and teamwork strong.

Another way to strengthen collaboration and teamwork is to periodically meet in person for company wide or department focused meetings. Our latest offsite was an amazing opportunity to reconnect, align on our vision, strategy and goals, celebrate company milestones and get ready for what’s next.

If you value a flexible and trusting environment, check out our open roles.

A diagram of Machinify's data process.
Victoria Bubien
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